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Modular building manufacturing startup Boxabl announced their flagship product, an Accessory Dwelling Unit that they are calling "The Casita".

For $50,000 Boxabl will deliver a turn key home to your backyard. The units have a 20x20 footprint, 9.5ft high ceilings and come complete with fridge, stove, washer/dryer, bathroom kitchen and much more. Affordable living can be luxurious in a Boxabl Casita. Boxabl is your one stop for Accessory Dwelling Units (Granny Flats) Construction. We design and build ADUs off site and deliver to your residence.


Modular Building Manufacturer

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Delivered to your backyard.

$250/mo* from $49,500* loaded

Not your average building

Boxabls are built in a precision factory environment from cutting edge materials and are packed with the latest technology. This means your building will be stronger, last longer, and be more energy efficient.